STARThere, Rules

  • NO LONG CORRESPONDENCE ~ $50 required from 3d latter!!! What's leisure for you, still work for me. I'll CANCEL an appointment at any time if you overcharge me with correspondence
  • $50 is required at a moment we set it up and I'll keep them in case of not show or last minute cancellation
  • Contact me via ONE of possible ways, to keep all correspondence and info together;
  • call / text to my cell to grab my attention ONLY in case there is smth urgent or important
  • do not expect / demand immediate response, you will get my full attention while meeting
  • To set it up, provide your NAME, AGE, general appearance, one of REFERENCES: ~~~~~ 1. name, contact of reputable person/agency to vouch for you; ~~~~~ 2. nick / handle on any adult screening source; ~~~~~ 3. web-site of business and your current position; ~~~~~ 4. LinkedIN / Facebook link; ~~~~~ 5. driver license / ID copy
  • Any massages with NO subjects / information will be IGNORED, it's a business account, but NOT a place to CHAT
  • 50+ mature gentleman and seniors are kindly welcome
  • Teens under 25!!! sorry guys, do not disturb me, I do not feel comfortable when you are my age or yanger