Dec 18 2017

personal & professional

Chapter #1



I have very little patience to cheaters.

Personally i never do relationships with merryed guys

However I understand there might be some excuses and professionally I accept and respect your position,

if you can have it separate and get everyone on her own place but if you trying to mix up professional and personal, then I'll show you where quit is.


Do not play with me, there is no fun in that playing!



Chapter #2

~Cheep guys~


do not ask me to finish my job because both of us enjoy each others company,

this is my job to make us feel that way! LOL


I appreciated this job as I've meet you. and as it made me a person who I am.

If for some reasons you are not ready for commercial relations, then you should not have a deal with companions and sugarbabes

You seems was looking for an escort and you pick one! Why to complain??? or try to change things?

Need someone, where you can be monogamous, go to the library to pick someone over there, try you luck! haha


I truly enjoy what I do!

Love and miss every of you more or less, you are a part of my life, a person whom with I share all I have, myself! please let me admire of you every moment, do not be boring, lets have it unforgettable..

I'm consider me as expensive girl, elite courtesan that not everyone can afford and seems so far Im going great

Suggestions to share me for free or in return for shopping or food sounds rediculose for me

I have no respect to cheep guys as much as to their cheep behavior or suggestions

I choose a wealthy life style and if I ever choose to stay with someone, for sure it will be a better quality then I can afford by myself life


Not ready to care all my needs, do not have enough time to universe me, then please rise up like a person, like a businessman and be happy to have me in your life occasionally!

read my I appreciated to this as I've you. and as it made me a who I am. If for some reasons you are not ready for then you shouldn't have a deal with &



PS it's called Escort philosophy ))