Dec 17 2017


I've found unknown person' REVIEW in my TER profile,

Im curious...

That person tells thet he visits me repiatedly and evrytime I m going better that the last one, although he gave me 7/7 from maximum 10/10, LOL

WTF makes you to visit same provider if her maximum is 7/7??? are there not enought providers in NYC (he put it under NYC section), I do not think he had weak choise in NYC, especially if to mention that his two prevuos reviews score are 9/9 and 10/9

I know nobody called PLASTIC2 and have no correspondence with anybody similar

Who you are man?? are you a man at all??? or one of that gelous beatches who cant stand when somebody doing great?


to find out more>>

 Закрепленный твит



7 - Attractive


7 - Hot time





Session Location

new york




al Details

This is my third time with her and each time was better than the last. Well worth the visit and will see again

The Juicy Details

I happened to see her when she was visiting NYC and i could not have asked for a better experience. Everything was available except anal,but not a problem. She loves to use her mouth on EVERYTHING and has a great technique. She loves to kiss and suck cock. She really wanted as much sperm as i could deliver and swallowed every drop. She o'ed while in 69 and she was playing with her clit. After my first cum i really thought i was finished however she got me back to attention and i delivered a second cup into her mouth. It was all her doing and i was exhausted. Great provider and well worth the donation.