Feb 08 2017

ATTANTION !!! do NOT suffer from scum-assistant pretaning me!!!

ATTANTION! do not suffer from scam-agent pretanding me!!!


Sorry guyes,


I hired a book-assistance, then in few days got they are a tricky band, works out my calls wothout me

They only operated my EROS ads, and had NO ACCESS to others, their contacts were published there instead of mine and also I re-adresed callers to contact them.

NOW there is No assistant, all the prevuose correspondence / agreements what might be made to other than shown on a site are NO TRUSTWORCEfull!  

re-check with me directly! 



They can DO NOTHING to YOU, NO HURM as only send ugly text as if from me in respond, if you contacted them!

So please, be aware, its NOT ME, just mark them as spam, they are miserable!


my upologize for inconvinience, was silly to hire that scam EROS-booking assistant

here is the contact they might text from

  •  Eros Bookers                     SCAM
  •    SCAM
  •    SCAM
  •                SCAM
  • 4243555595                       SCAM
  • 5022656664                       SCAM
  • 4243555595                       SCAM


Thanks guys,

you are still trust on me

and helped me get what they do!!!