Jul 29 2017

Are you waiting for a bargain???

Hey guys,

I have something to tell you...


First of all, I appreciated those my partners who never asks what my rates are (they are published at every my posts!) and who never discuss them or negotiate!

I'm here for you guys!

And Im so lucky there is a biggest part of that kind of callers



there is still number of hobbiests who always clime a discount or wait for bargain time!

OMG!!! I do not cater poor or mean! No way!

Do not disturb me, if you are Ok when a lady spend some time with you, counting it and dreaming when you go away from her, checking her time-watches

there are lots of girls in every agencies for reasonable price for you. Go there to stay in a line to get into her bedroom and feel somebody next to you is coming... 

Do not mix me with that girls!!! I never go that way of cheep prices and cheep attitude!!!

And I do not need in my life such guys who allow to be treated like that


For me you are a person, a man, a boyfriend, a lover.. a husband, if wish.. but not an amount!!!


And I am not a peace of meat , as somebody in one of my reviews compared this type of service with eating at a steak house.. Funny guy, a kind like staying by the door of expensive restorant and trying to prove visitors how wrong they are hosting in that expensive place as it does not leave him a chance to go in

so, I m not an expensive restorant, and neither im am not a cheep steak! I am not a steak at all! 

I care who eats me, I really do!!!

as I share with you all I have, myself, my time, my body, my experience and yes, my sole!!!


To get my good attitude all you need is stay a man!

and keep in mind, although its a service, bit still remains to be a romantic relation between as... although short-term

and all you pay for is to rush it and to have no duties!!!

I take your presents instead of to expect or demand something more from you, like being introduced to your mum or share you life and your fortune :-D


PS for those who somewhere somehow noticed my lower rates, you missed them!!!


I put them down, a little bit lower that my regular, trying to get into local system verification (get few reviews that prove me on the mayor sources and get access to publish my ads) that's all. only business, my service does not get worse or better depending on that.

you should have cough me those days instead of staying away and waiting when somebody takes a risk and goes first to check me out!!!


That low rates were my present for brave guys who trusts what he see more, than what he read! and who is ecxigted though watching me and reading my righting, but not though the other guy have written.

Although my English is horrible I know.



from the deep of my sole,