Thanks guys from Boston, messed my day out from now here is a cancellation policy))) Suppose its fair enough if you deposit $50 at a time we arranged an appointment as a garanty of your seriuse intention and Ill keep them in not show case or last minut cancellation   Methods to deposit>>   Vallerie, TOP-GFE‏ @ValleryVip Еще Hey #Boston [more...]
Chapter #1 ~ CHEATERS~   I have very little patience to cheaters. Personally i never do relationships with merryed guys However I understand there might be some excuses and professionally I accept and respect your position, if you can have it separate and get everyone on her own place but if you trying [more...]
Dec 17 2017


I've found unknown person' REVIEW in my TER profile, Im curious... That person tells thet he visits me repiatedly and evrytime I m going better that the last one, although he gave me 7/7 from maximum 10/10, LOL WTF makes you to visit same provider if her maximum is 7/7??? are there not [more...]
Hi guys, thanks for your being generous and always spoil me with compliments and presents! That makes me feel special and treet you like somody special for me !!!   I know how busy you are and how it's hard to guess what can joy me...     here are some easy ideas, what work for me [more...]
Hi guys,  I'm really thankful to each of your massages and always ready to stay in touch,      but, please, keep in mind, it is a business!     and since you've decided to contact me, especially over my direct cell, please be kind, provide maximum info   and DO NOT try to BE FAMILIAR with me!!!     Remember, when [more...]
Have a good amount of fresh printed (kserocopy) bucks from +1 415 496 6309 be careful girls, Reported to police as well [more...]
Hi guys,   does anybody know how  to get some model job to be published somewhere (broushures, calendars, magazines, etc) in the US?   NO "adult-content" shooting !!!   It's gona be my excuse for my family as they do not really need to know all my secrets ;) [more...]
Hey guys, I have something to tell you...   First of all, I appreciated those my partners who never asks what my rates are (they are published at every my posts!) and who never discuss them or negotiate! I'm here for you guys! And Im so lucky there is a biggest part [more...]
ATTANTION! do not suffer from scam-agent pretanding me!!!   Sorry guyes,   I hired a book-assistance, then in few days got they are a tricky band, works out my calls wothout me They only operated my EROS ads, and had NO ACCESS to others, their contacts were published there instead of mine [more...]
Hi guyes,   You should help me to make a new tour!!!   leave a comments, where do you need me to be?     yours, Vallerie [more...]
Hi guys, I really like to communicate with you, it gets us get to know each other before a date.   but u know, its exosting time to time to do all the stuff, as make ads and posts on web-sites and regional boards, have lots of correspondence from all around, screening prospectives, moving [more...]